Q&A With David Nuenke

I thought it'd be fun to ask David some questions about his fun filled weekend..

Tom: Was it as cold as the Feb 2000 Winter Baja?

David: No, it was not nearly as cold, but I also came much better prepared.

Tom: Were you at all concerned for your life when you strapped yourself into Tom's junkyard jalopy?

David: Only for those 30 odd seconds we were careening all over the interstate.

Tom: You DID make sure your Will was up to date, right?

David: LOL, Mark would have run off with the keys to my Wagonmaster....

Tom: Were you MORE or LESS afraid racing then you were on the drive up in the rusty $200 Travelall?

David: Less, there is a roll cage and 5 points in Devil.

Tom: How does a sprung-over Scout II ride? Compared to shot stock springs, or a 4" Triangle Scout?

David: Devil rides much better than shot stock springs, and much better than brand new triangle springs. My triangles aren't quite broken in yet, but even when they are I think the SOA SII will have the edge.

Tom: How about the dreaded "lean" - ever feel the Scout was leaning so badly you were goin' over?

Dave: Nope, not at all.

Tom: How about the jumps - rough and abusive, or pretty decent landings?

Dave: Pretty good landings, only flew forward against the five points a couple of times. Next time I should actually have a couple of minutes to tighten them up a bit.

Tom: How do you like the sound of open headers?

David: Open headers are great, unless you want to commuincate with someone else with something other than hand signals.

Tom: Do you think Tom is mentally ill? Should he be institutionalized?

Dave: No on both counts.

Tom: What about the rest of those gap-toothed rednecks?

Dave: LOL, actually I thought it was a nice crowd, very resourcefull at times too. Much, much preferable to the yuppies I had to put up with back on the east coast.

Tom: How did your body feel the morning after? Did the rigors of racing abuse your limbs? Tom had abrasions on his shoulders from the 5pts not being quite tight enough.

Dave: Believe it or not I was not the slightest bit sore. That surprised even me, running and pole vaulting probably has something to do with it, I'm used to abusing my body on a daily basis.

Tom: If someone were to give you a marginally running Scout II.. would you seriously build a race truck?

Dave: Most deffinitly!!!!!

Winter Baja 2001