More garage stuff...

View from the street/curb of the "front" door.

Wide view of the same. for more details on this stuff.

Inside view of the .. ummm.. west wall. This is the "working bay"

This is the East wall, closest to the house featuring two "man doors" and a window in the middle.

More of the "workbay" corner

View from the rear of the garage, from the yard. You can see the 9x7 door and the man door in the corner.

My 2yr old niece was checking up on what I was doing..

Another rear shot of both rear doors and the one front door.

More interior of the working area.

The corner where the power center will go. You MIGHT notice the conduit running up the corner. One run of 2" PCV Sch40 for the power feed of 100amps on 2/2/4 wire, the other for phone, cable TV, and ethernet.

A new view from the front, with the garage door framed and the last row of block laid.

The other side of the front. The wall of the work area.

Sighting along the wall by the house, the east wall, with two man-doors and a window.

Sighting along the two rear doors, the 9x7 closest, and my 9x9 farthest.

Rear view of the doors with the top row of block in place.

View of the back doors from inside the garage.

Inside view of the man doors and window.

View of the corner.

Working area corner.

View of the side of the garage from the front yard of the house.