Reconstructed information from the 4x4guru data

on converting IH SII windows to power windows

   by Doug Shailor



Parts List:


1. 2 SII window regulators, left and right. See Fig A.


2. Wire harness, Chevy p/u drivers side only. (why later).

3.  2 Ford pickup regulators, left and right.  There are two styles that are available, one has long slots for mounting the motors and the other has round holes. See fig B. The one the left is the late model and will work with both early and late motors. Just make sure the motors will bolt up easily (Years 80's-90's+).

4. 2 Ford electric power window motors. The preferred motors are the late model (smaller) ones.

5. A thin piece of cardboard to make a template for transfering hole positions.

6. 2 Shouldered fasteners. See Fig D.

Fig A. SII window regulator (left portion) attached to arm attached to scissor portion (right).


Fig B. Two types of motor mounts on the Ford regulators.           


  Fig C. Ford regulator with motor removed                


Fig D. $30 a pair.

Fig E. Ford regulator (left) next to SII regulator with arm/scissor parts removed.

Fig F. Ford regulator "grafted" to SII arm/scissor parts.


Steps to follow

1 Remove door panels.

2. Put window in lowered position.


3. Remove clips on back side of window channels

4. Pull window to top of door and use a wedge and small vice grips to hold window up. (soft cloth between jaws.)


5. Roll window to the up to take some pressure off spring.

6. Remove the four screws for the window crank.

7. Remove the two screws from the lower center portion of the door of the window guide.

8. Remove the six screws across the door that holds in the rest of the regulator.


9. Remove regulator assembly from door.

10. At this point, you need to lay out the regulator assembly, for remove the cranking portion, from the transfer bar.

11. Grind the mushroomed head from the bar and tap out.


window wiring steps

After installation of motor assembly you will make room for switches Those of you with automatic. you will install in plastic shifter cover. manual people need to quit smoking. To get an under standing, you will be reversing the polarity of the motor to raise or lower the window. The chevy p/u wire harness, drivers side is a perfect candidate for the conversion.