Pics of my new tow rig, a '74 Travelette "200" long-box the morning after I brought it home.

VIN Tag - notice the 9,000lbs GVWR rating

Stock step bumper and definitely used tailgate.

This is the IH RA-15 7500lbs rear axle with 4.30 gears and the 6300lbs springs. Huge anti-swaybar, too.

Just in case you didn't think the tailgate was hammered..

No, these are not for the new truck - I picked 'em up while in Bozeman. 36x12.50-15 Super Swampers.. for Tigger.

Front shot. The chrome front bumper is in the bed.

The biggest dent on the truck in the side of the box.

No truck resurrected from the dead (hasn't been registered since '93) could be complete without a bullet hole.. in the passenger front fender.

"Full Frontal"

It's so long I couldn't back up far enough in the backyard to get a full side shot.. so I took two.

Rear slider needs a pane replaced.

Rockers/cab corners - these are a known rust area on these trucks.. looks good to me.

Driver's floor needs attention, but at least it's present.. unlike my '72 T'all.

An interior shot.

The back seat and all of the extra stuff - like door panels, shroud, etc.

Just noticed this dimple. :)

345, T98.

Not-correct hydraulic clutch that's a little "heavy"

Look, hinges! And a place to bolt them up to!!

Top of the cab.

The trip home wasn't uneventful. We arrived in Bozeman around 1pm on the 4th of July. I changed the plugs, cap, rotor, plug wires, oil, and installed light bulbs in the taillights and fuses in the fuse panel. We then timed it, and it ran like a top.

Topped off the left tank and checked tire pressures in Belgrade then cruised to Three Forks at about 55mph. Stopped in Three Forks to wash my windshield and noticed a small coolant leak. I cranked down on the lower radiator hose clamp and it started shooting MORE coolant. I grabbed another clamp from my toolbox and doubled up and finally got it to stop leaking everywhere - but not until after I'd dumped a gallon of coolant on the ground.

I put 2.5gal of gas in (for a 25 mile trip, roughly 10mpg!!) and another gallon of antifreeze and we motored home without incident.

I still need to wire up the turn signals and install some mirrors. The column is a tilt/telescope unit from a Chrysler. The ignition has been wired up, but the turn signals n' such still need spliced in.

All of the doors and windows work. The wipers work (it needs blades badly). headlights work. Heater doesn't work, and as noted the turn signals are non-op.

There's a horrible howling at speed - it sounds like something rubbing on the driveshaft, but it's clear. The PO thought it was the exhaust being "solid mounted" without rubber isolators. I'm a little suspicious of the carrier bearing on the rear driveshaft - I've never dealt with one before, so I'm not really sure what a good one looks like vs. a bad one, but it's another candidate for the noise. Once I can eliminate the noise I'll be able to exceed 55mph - since I'll finally be able to hear the ENGINE at speed.

Still - it rode great and handle great for the drive home. It definitely needs new tires though.. and at least two of the wheels are split-rims still.