A120 pickup

Circa 1972 2wd Travelall

1975 IH 150 4x4 pickup. 727 auto still there, front minus discs, spreadbore 345 is labeled Good.

Firewall where the gas pedal is mounted, from the engine bay - you can only see one mounting nut.

Interior shot of the 74/75 gas pedal mounting system

Notice the pedal has a big bend to the right on the "arm". This makes mounting in the 69-73 chassis challenging - if you try to mount the pedal to use the stock 69-73 throttle cable location, you end up with this arm just about hitting the "bulkhead connector" area of the firewall, along with using a piece of steel angle to convert from the "through the center" cable mount of the throttle arm to the "ball and stud" arrangement of the 69-73 assembly.

1971 (I think) T'all 1010 - front end shows damage

An "L-160"

Another "L"

An Aristocrat! No badges (I have 'em), no roof rack, no headliner stuff.. frankly, not much but the windshield is marked "Good" ;-)

An "A" Series Travelall (I think).