New pictures on 4/26/2001

The '75 Ford F250 Dana 60 4.10 rear end for BUGM.

My Tire-rack turned on it's side. It used to be a SII frame.

Turbo Laser - economy car?

My sister's car after it got intimate with a Chevy pickup.

Chevy 2wd brake hoses mounted to the bump-stop brackets on Little Devil.

Clearance on Devil's Reverse Shackle - spring vs. draglink/pitman arm.

Started on the garage - so far a big hole where the 42" frostwall will be built.

This is the old view from the street:

This is the NEW view from the street!

Pictures of Little Devil's new 31x15.50 Terra tires!!

Just a few shots of Tigger with the little 31s on and the Bikini top.

Pictures of my 1977 Traveler-trailer conversion.. which mostly just stores lots of HEAVY IH parts - currently 2 304s, one 196, a 3spd, a couple doors, skid-plate, some springs, misc. other junk.. the masking tape is peeling off where I tried to avoid overspray on the windows n' such.